Crystal Grid Set for Self-Confidence & Peace

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This crystal grid set supports self-confidence and the peace that comes with that.
  • The pink Lemurian quartz crystal (from Brazil) gently supports heart energy; work with it as a wand to activate the grid, or on its own.
  • Pyrite crystals support self-confidence and protection, working with the solar plexus chakra.
  • The azurite balls (“blueberries,” not edible!) support the release of grief, sadness and other troubling thoughts.
    • Both pyrite and azurite work with the mind, so this grid supports mental peace and clarity.
  • The quartz crystals are “enhancers,” amplifying the overall energy of the grid.
  • The triangular selenite charging plate keeps the whole grid immersed in spring-fresh energy, continuously clearing and charging the crystals and reinforcing the intent.
More information about working with crystal grids: Set includes:
  • One pink lemurian quartz crystal (Brazil) about 2.1" long x 0.6" diameter (53mm x 16mm);
  • Three pyrite crystals, each about 0.3" (7mm) diameter;
  • Three azurite balls, each  about 0.25" (6-7mm) diameter;
  • Three clear quartz crystals, each about 0.6" (15mm long).
  • One selenite (gypsum) plate 3.0" (75mm) on each side;
  • Printed instructions