Minerals & Fossils by Size

Is it bigger than a breadbox? Smaller than an apple? Yes, there are standard ways of describing the size of mineral and fossil specimens. Click on the links below to find that size specimen:

Thumbnail specimens:   1/16" to 1-1/8" (2 to 30mm) in at least one dimension. Fits in a standard Perky box (1.25" x 1.25"). Not all thumbnail specimens are sold in Perky boxes/

Miniature specimens:  1-1/8" to 2.5" (30 to 64mm) in at least one dimension. Too big to fit in a standard Perky box.

Small cabinet specimens: 2.5" to 4" (65 to 102mm) in at least one dimension. About the size of an apple.

Large cabinet specimens: 4" to 6" (103 to 152mm) in at least one dimension. Bigger than an apple, smaller than a grapefruit.

Extra large cabinet (or "museum") specimens: Bigger than 6" (150mm) in at least one dimension, but still possible to pick up.