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We offer an international collection of museum-grade mineral specimens ranging from thumbnail to large cabinet specimens (size chart), fossils from all over the world, a plethora of polished shapes, carvings, loose crystals, books, jewelry, more jewelry, games, and a wealth of expertise in the minerals of our home state, New Mexico!

Taos Rockers started as a storefront in downtown Taos, New Mexico in 2008.

The Taos Rockers online store launched in 2020, and is where we "open our warehouse doors" and provide access to Taos Rocker's insurmountable back-stock inventory that does not fit in the storefront location! 

Because the online store is a representation of our warehouse inventory, the physical storefront and the online store may or may not carry the same products. The stores are, however, "married" and communicate with each other! So if you are looking for something that you cannot find in one store, we will happily search the inventory of both stores to help you find what you are interested in! 

With our Geologic background, all efforts are made to bring our customers an exotic collection of hand specimens from around the world. Each piece is accompanied by a detailed description card after thorough examination by our specialist and owner Cortney Stewart. 


Read more about Taos Rockers HERE

Have you heard about Taos County's Staurolites?

Staurolites are Taos County's hidden gem. Found in the Sangre De Christo Mountains (blood of Christ Mountains) Staurolites are also known as "Fairy Stones" or "Fairy Crosses" the story being that they were tears shed by fairies upon the news that Christ perished…

Staurolite can be found all over the world, but has a very heavy presence in the United States, mainly in Georgia and Virginia.

Famous for their crystal twinning, the crystal "swords" usually penetrating at 60 - 90 degree angles, however in Taos County they are commonly found representing a perfect perpendicular cruciform.

Forming in a Mica schist, the Staurolites will usually have a shimmery overcoat to the dark brown/red crystals, and many have tiny Garnets included in the crystals. 

Explore more extraordinary minerals from New Mexico

Azurite "Ball" Thumbnail (Grant County, NM)


4" Smoky Quartz Crystal (Lincoln County, NM)


Nacimiento Petrified Wood (Sandoval County, NM)


"Jack Straw" Hematite (Socorro County, NM)


More than a store

If you plan to go collecting for minerals or fossils in the state of New Mexico, then it would be worth your while to make a pit stop at our storefront in Taos, New Mexico.

With three geologists on staff, there's no shortage of information here. We can provide you with resources to field guides, maps, a visual representation of many of the crystals and minerals you may find in NM, and plenty of recommendations for outcrops in territories probably not mentioned in texts on the internet…but you have to talk to a person with experience to find those things out...

In case you can't make it in, here's a page listing some areas to go collecting in & around Taos County.



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