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Welcome to Taos Rockers!

Your one stop shop for top quality gems, minerals, and fossils since '08.
Specializing in the minerals of New Mexico.💎

About Taos Rockers storefront

In our store an international collection is displayed in three showrooms including many museum-grade specimens representing every continent except Antarctica.

Our hours:
Monday - Sunday   10am - 5pm

We will be welcoming customers inside, while observing all public health mandates in New Mexico regarding the Covid-19 outbreak. 
Closed during Fiestas De Taos & Christmas Day


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Taos Staurolite


FEATURED MINERAL – STAUROLITE Taos Rockers featured mineral is Staurolite. The word staurolite is derived from the Greek stauros - cross, and lithos - stone: referring  to its cruciform twinning. ... Read More

Shungite ~ Featured Mineral

... The deposit of Shungite in Karelia was formed about 2 billion years ago and  extends over 9,000 sq km ( 3,475 sq miles).  The deposit has been estimated to contain more than 250 gigatonnes  of carbon reserves.  The deposit is found within a sequence of Palaeoproterozoic metasedimentary and metavolcanic rocks - the main accumulations are concentrated in 9 layers, ranging in thickness from 5 meters (16 ft) to 120 meters (400 ft) . The sequence is dated by a gabbro intrusion, which gives a date of 1980±27 Ma, and the underlying dolomites, which give an age of 2090±70 Ma 9 and demonstrates a significant difference between shungite & petroleum/coal (200-250 Ma). ...
Shungite ~ Featured Mineral

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*Martha has a BS in Geology; in Hawaii she served as a one-woman geology department at Hawaii Pacific University, teaching physical geology, natural disasters, mineralogy, geochemistry, environmental science, global change, marine geology, hydrogeology, and sedimentology.  Along the way she moved into administration, finishing her tenure at HPU as the head of research and grants administration. Martha is also a level IV Reiki Master and she has apprenticed with Heather Ash Amara and is a certified Warrior Goddess facilitator.  She has studied extensively with Colette Baron-Reid and is a certified oracle guide.  In Peru she was initiated and attuned with Earthkeeper energy by an Andean q’ero.  And that brings her full circle back into earth “science.”