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Volcanic eruption Iceland Photo by <a href="">Tetiana Grypachevska</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

Geology (along with mineralogy and paleontology) is fascinating, there’s no end to the amazing things that Mother Earth comes up with. This page shares some of the exciting geological discoveries and events that are in the news. This list is updated periodically, so check back for more browsing fun.

These news items are culled from the Smithsonian Museum’s Smart News service. It shares technically accurate reports of new findings in many fields, including earth science, making these a great starting point for exploring what Mother Earth is cooking up for us.

Your input is greatly appreciated – if you know of any exciting geo-news, or a news source, email us the link at and we’ll have a look. 

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4/19/24 11-Year-Old Uncovers Fossils of Giant Ichthyosaur in England, the Largest Marine Reptile Ever Found

4/18/24 Two Vandals at Lake Mead Toppled Rock Formations Made From 140-Million-Year-Old Dunes

4/18/24 You Can Visit the World's Largest Continuous Dinosaur Trackway, Now on Protected Public Land

4/16/24 The Seven Most Amazing Discoveries We’ve Made by Exploring Mercury

4/11/24 Medieval English Coins Were Made With Melted Byzantine Silver

4/3/24 The Oldest Stone Tools Yet Discovered Are Unearthed in Kenya

3/29/24 Man With Broken Metal Detector Unearths Largest Gold Nugget Ever Found in England

3/26/24 Stone Age People Survived a Supervolcano Eruption by Adapting to Dry Periods

3/21/24 Alaska's Frigid North Slope Was Once a Lush, Wet, Dinosaur Hotspot, Fossils Reveal

3/18/24 Iceland Volcano Spews Lava in Fourth and Most Powerful Eruption in Three Months

3/15/24 Mars Has an Unexpected Influence on Earth's Oceans and Climate, Repeating Every 2.4 Million Years, Study Finds

3/12/24 'Strange' New Prehistoric Bird Discovered in China and Named for David Attenborough 

3/6/24 Scientists Unravel the Mysteries of Earth's Towering Star Dunes—Massive, Moving Mountains of Sand 

2/21/24 Iceland's Recent Volcanic Eruptions Are Unleashing Deep Secrets

2/20/24 These 3,000-Year-Old Treasures Were Forged From Meteoritic Iron

2/16/24 Scientists Detect Water on the Surface of Asteroids for the First Time Ever

2/13/24 A 'Very Rare' Kind of Space Rock Fell in Germany—and Scientists Recovered the Pieces

2/9/24 Paleontologists Discover Two New Shark Species From Fossils in Mammoth Cave National Park

2/9/24 Iceland Volcano Erupts Again, Cutting Off Hot Water From Towns and Spewing Fountains of Lava

2/8/24 Paleontologists Are Still Unraveling the Mystery of the First Dinosaur

2/7/24 See Detailed New Images of Io From Another NASA Flyby of the Solar System's Most Volcanic World

2/6/24 Uncovering the Secrets of Colombia's Rich Fossil Deposits

2/5/24 A 22 Million-Year-Old Mangrove Forest Was Discovered on Panama’s Barro Colorado Island

2/5/24 Rare Fossil Shows Trees Looked Very Different 350 Million Years Ago

1/26/24 Seven Natural Phenomena Worth Traveling For

1/25/24 Whales Once Walked Along the Coasts of North America

1/24/24 Newly Discovered, Parrot-Like Dinosaur Roamed North America Alongside T. Rex

1/12/14 Fossils Reveal a Possible New Tyrannosaur Species, the Closest Relative of T. Rex

1/11/24 This 288-Million-Year-Old Fossilized Scrap of Skin Is the World's Oldest

1/11/24 Miners Discover Seven-Foot Mammoth Tusk in North Dakota 

1/10/24 These Entrancing Maps Capture Where the World's Rivers Go

1/8/24 The Mass Extinction That Wiped Out the Dinosaurs

1/5/24 Scientists Uncover the Earliest Fossil Evidence of Photosynthesis