Crystal Grid Set-up Instructions

You just bought a crystal grid set, or you have some crystals and you want to make a crystal grid, and you don't want to spend days researching the "right" way to do this. First, check out the "Working with Crystal Grids Page," then follow these simple steps to have a fully functional crystal grid.

  • Define your intention for this grid – what do you want this grid to support? Keep the intention positive (I want more self-confidence) instead of negative (I don’t want to doubt myself). Turn your intention into an affirmation (“I am self-confident”) or a single word (“self-confidence”). Hold this intention while you set up the grid. You can also write the phrase or word on a piece of paper and put it under or on the grid.
  • Find a place where your crystal grid will be undisturbed, and preferably where you can see it. If you have a house full of toddlers, you may need to place it in a drawer or on top of something high.
  • Clear the plate and the crystals with your favorite technique (smudging, placing on a bed of quartz, rinsing in water, etc)
  • Place the crystals on the charging plate in a pattern that feels right to you.
  • Add any other items that feel right – a photograph, a feather, a flower petal …
  • Charge the grid: Holding a quartz (or other appropriate mineral) crystal like a wand, focus on your intention while you point to each of the crystals in turn. A clockwise circle is considered by many to be “positive,” building more energy; trace whatever pattern feels right to you. Trace the pattern a few more times until it feels complete.

Your crystal grid has now been set up and charged! Whenever you look at the grid, remind yourself of the intent. Re-charge whenever you want. The grid is complete when it feels done.