Working with Crystal Grids

Working with Crystal Grids
There are many, many ways of setting up and working with crystal grids! Consider this summary as a jumping off point for your own way of working with crystal grids. Many crystal grid books have pages and pages of complex grids that require many types of crystals that would be expensive to purchase. Not necessary! You can create an effective crystal grid with just a few stones, even ones you pick up from a gravel drive, your backyard or a stream bed.

When you consider a crystal grid as a physical symbol of a prayer, it becomes clear that the most important component is your intention. What is it that you want to manifest?  Many authors recommend writing out a one word or one sentence statement of this intention and placing this on a piece of paper in or near the grid, such as “I have an abundance of health,” or “my life is full of joy,” etc.

Once you have your crystals for the grid, how do you set it up? Visit the "Crystal Grid Setup Instructions" page for an introduction.

Stones for Crystal Grids
In the middle of the grid place a focus stone – a single crystal, stone, or crystal cluster is placed in the center of the grid.  It represents the energy you want to bring to your intention – gentle, high energy, loving, cosmic.  In practice the focus stone can be any crystal or stone that feels right in the center of the grid. 
Other crystals surround the focus stone; depending on space and crystals available, you may not need all of these.
  • Intention stones are often placed on the outer edge of the grid. A grid for material abundance might have citrine crystals in that location, or amethyst for strength.
  • Transmitter stones are often placed between the focus stone and intention stones. These crystals boost and transmit the energies from the focus to and from the intention stones. One of the most commonly used transmitter stones is quartz, although any stone that feels right can be used.
  • Enhancer stones can be added anywhere on the grid that feels right. Additional crystals, stones, or personal objects (feathers, jewelry, photos, flowers) can be added to the grid.

Crystal Grid Shape, Base Material, and Placement
The geometry of a crystal grid can be as simple as a square, circle or triangle, or as complex as as the Seed of Life, Flower of Life, or Metatrons Cube. The geometry of the grid is considered to enhance the energy of the grid. Use whatever feels right or fits your space.

Does it matter what material underlies the crystal grid? Yes and no. You can place it on any surface available, including a piece of paper printed with a grid design such as a circle or Flower of Life. Crystal grid plates made of selenite gypsum are thought to enhance the energy of the grid, elevating the vibrational energy and keeping the grid spring-time fresh. Simply make sure it feels right.

Where do you place your crystal grid? In your house, make sure it is in a safe place that won’t be disturbed by people or pets or even a strong breeze through the window. You can also make a crystal grid in your backyard or in the woods. If you have an area of your house or property that you often do spiritual work in, that may be the best place. However a box on top of the refrigerator also works!
Activating the Crystal Grid
Most practitioners recommend activating with a quartz crystal, combined with the intention that the stones work together to manifest what is desired. Leave it in place for as long as needed to reinforce the intentions.

When working with the energy of stones and crystals, there’s one simple rule – work with whatever stones and crystals feel “right.”  For those with time, money and interest, it’s possible to choose very specific minerals to support a specific intention. However, “simple” stones like quartz and amethyst or even rocks from the yard can be used if they feel right. Your focal stone can be a $300 elestial amethyst or a lump of stone that called to you on a hike – you will know if it feels right.

Don’t know how to start or what feels right? Just try something! Take what you have and place the components in a pleasing pattern. Leave it for an hour, a day or a week; change it when you want to. Try different geometries, arrangements and stones. Add flower petals, dried leaves, a photo of an ancestor, a feather…. Make it your own.

If the crystal grid still doesn’t feel right, you’re probably making it too complicated. Try a simpler, clearer, intention, and/or work with fewer stones. “Bigger” is not necessarily better, nor is more complicated.