Guide to Metaphysical Quartz

Metaphysical quartz refers to quartz crystals, usually individual points, that have particular crystal face configurations and features that provide support for specific energetic needs. For example, channeler crystals are good for meditation, left- and right-activation quartz crystals support activation of that part of the brain or the chakras, and generator quartz crystals are good for exactly that, amplifying energy, even more so than regular quartz. 

The Taos Rockers metaphysical quartz specimens have all been reviewed by the owner (Cortney) to ensure that they have been appropriately identified. Here's a quick guide to types of metaphysical quartz crystals and how to work with them.


Small crystal(s) attached to the side - does not penetrate larger crystal. Use in meditation to provide insights into family and/or community issues. It also supports abundance in the mental realm


7-sided face flanked by 2 small triangular faces and opposite a small triangular one. Ideal for use in meditation, with the large face held at the brow it can help intuition and channeling of energy.

Diamond Window

6th or 7th face that is a clear, well-formed, symmetrical diamond shape


Smaller crystal attached to the side of a larger one, aligned with the larger, not sharing a common base. This brings the energy of the mother-teacher-parent plus the child-student-learner, so this is useful for meditating on any situation where these energies need support.


Three 7-sided faces of same size alternating with 3 triangular faces of the same size.

Empowering Crystal

One or two main 4-sided faces


External markings that appear as writing/hieroglyphics inscribed on sides or faces


6 sharp faces of about the same size meeting at a point

Goddess (aka Isis)

5-sided dominant face pointing up (formerly referred to as Isis crystal). These crystals encourage us to strive for success and create order out of chaos, to heal damaged emotions, and to help others without attachment.

Grounding Crystal

8-sided face


Indentation in one side that narrows as it penetrates; usually 3- or 6-sided. Helps to unlock the doors to hidden aspects of the self, answering questions like “why can’t I …?” or “what is …?”  Place the key crystal on an object with hidden messages to gain admittance to that which is hidden.

Left Brain Activation

Activation quartz (left brain) crystal has an inclined main facet that leans to the left. They can be meditated with to help activate the left side of the brain, and chakras.


Horizontal striations on one or more side, may be Golden Healers, found in Sierra do Cabral Mountains, Brazil. 

This quartz encourages connection between the Earth and the rest of the universe, and helps to perceive our position within the greater scheme of things, planting seeds for a more harmonious future.


One crystal completely contained within another 


A smaller crystal extending into and inside a larger crystal


inclusions or internal micro fractures which display a rainbow when viewed from an angle. This brings extra energy, joy and positivity when working with the crystal. 


A single broad sloping face

Record Keeper

Has a triangle etched in one or more faces. 

These harmonize and integrate when used in meditation. The etched shape activates fine levels of the mind and memory. It can be held in the hands then placed at the brow in order to unlock aspects of self-knowledge. 

Right Brain Activation

Activation quartz (right brain) crystal has an inclined main facet that leans to the right. They can be meditated with to help activate the right side of the brain, and chakras.


a crystal that has been broken and then re-grown

Shaman Dow

a Dow crystal that also contains a white phantom 


5-sided dominant face pointing down


Flat crystal, two times wider than thick

Time Link --> Future

7th face is a parallelogram pointing to the right. Shifts awareness to different times, places and dimensions; useful in meditation with respect to future paths. 

Time Link --> Past

7th face is a parallelogram pointing to the left. Shifts awareness to different times, places and dimensions; useful in meditation with respect to ancestral issues.


Two 7-sided faces separated by a triangular one. Receives and transmits information from the aura. After grounding personal energy, a clearly defined question can be projected into the crystal. Leave it in a quiet place for at least 12 hours then return to it, placing one triangular facet to your brow to absorb relevant information.


Similar to Record Keeper; usually multiple triangles and in various orientations 


Having the proper number of sides on a face but not proportionately perfect. 


Having the proper number of sides on a face, but the face has been hand-polished.