Crystal Grid Set for Protection

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Want some help with protection? Every day we are bombarded with negative energy in the form of dire news from the media, stress over the state of the economy, politics, global climate change, social injustice, and more. We may also need help with shielding from the electromagnetic radiation associated with use of cell phones, TV's, and video games, not to mention the invisible but very real energy put out by cell phone towers, WiFi, and similar.

Activating this grid in your home or office can help with reducing the impacts of negative energy and radiation on health. The kit includes shungite (famous for shielding from electromagnetic radiation), black tourmaline aka schorl (deflects negative energy of all kinds), and smoky quartz (another negative energy deflector).

Grid Kit includes:

  1. A Seed Of Life Geometric pattern (grid) silkscreened onto a 10"x12" 100% organic cotton double drawstring muslin bag (use as a grid base or for storage)
  2. Instructions/information brochure detailing how to cleanse, setup & activate your grid.
  3. Stones:
  • 1x  Smoky Quartz polished generator crystal
  • 2x  Hematite polished pieces
  • 2x  Schorl crystals (black tourmaline from Idaho)
  • 2x  Shungite tumbled pebble (from Russia)
  • 2x  Elite Shungite (raw from Russia)
  • 4x  Fluorite cleaved octahedrons (from China)
  • 2x  Smoky Quartz crystal points (from New Mexico)
  • 6x  Chlorite coated/included Quartz crystal points (from Colorado)
  • 10x Quartz crystal points (from Madagascar)
  • 1x  Quartz crystal wand - for grid activation (from Mongolia)