July 2021 through December 2021 Newsletter Archive

7/1/21          Red Hot for the Fourth of July July 4 Sale

7/8/21          Rocking Rocks – geologists never get bored  Rocks tell stories

7/15/21        We Don’t Want to Keep You Hanging (pendants)       Roof pendants

7/23/21        Twinkies, Fritos, or Crystals?  Stress relief

7/29/21        Hot Rocks                                New Mexico minerals

8/5/21          Green Grass, Green Stones – Peridot

8/12/21        Odds, Ends and New Beginnings        News

8/18/21        New in the Shop                     

8/26/21        Fossils, Earth’s History Book 

9/2/21          Sapphire for September         

9/7/21          It’s Here – A New Look for the TR Website    

9/16/21        Out of This World                     Meteorites

10/7/21        Opal for October                     

10/15/21      Medicine Bags                        

10/21/21      A Virtual Trip to Namibia and Bulgaria

10/28/21      Tricks, Treats, or Balloons       Halloween sales

11/4/21        Sunny Citrine for November   

11/5/21        You’re Awesome – “Black” November Specials        

11/12/21      Something for Everyone          Collections

11/18/21      Bulgarian Rhapsodies             Bulgarian mineral specimens

11/25/21      Happy Thanksgiving               

11/26/21      Rockin' Black Friday Deals    

12/3/21        Turquoise, the Gem of Enchantment  

12/9/21        Rockin’ Holiday Shoppinq       Black Friday Sales

12/16/21      Turquoise Energy for the Holidays      

12/21/21      The Procrastinator’s Gift Guide          

12/24/21      Happy Holidays                      

12/30/21      Happy New Year