Crystal Grid Set for Highest Guidance

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Through the millennia humans have connected with Spirit, the higher vibrational and dimensional realms, to access the loving wisdom and guidance of Spirit. Many religions and spiritual traditions work with prayer to access this guidance. The Highest Guidance crystal grid works with crystals, instead of words, to facilitate this access. It is empowered not only by the crystals themselves; the heart-felt intentions of the one working with the grid also encourages results.  What are the results? Some people may hear the guidance during meditation with the grid as words or as images. Most people will receive the guidance as a "knowing" that can be sudden or gradual.

Grid Kit includes:

  1. A Metatron's Cube Geometric pattern (grid) silkscreened onto a 10"x12" 100% organic cotton double drawstring muslin bag for easy travel. 
  2. Instructions/information brochure detailing how to cleanse, setup & activate your grid.
  3. Stones:
  • 1x  Clear Quartz generator (center stone)
  • 2x  Labradorite polished gallets (from Madagascar)
  • 2x  Garnet natural crystals (from Morocco)
  • 2x  Iolite tumbled polished pebbles (from India)
  • 2x  Blue Calcite rough pebbles (from Mexico)
  • 2x  Fluorite cleaved octahedrons (from China)
  • 2x  Prehnite "stalactites" (from India)
  • 2x  Chrome Diopside crystal points (from Pakistan? )
  • 14x  Quartz crystal points (from Madagascar)
  • 1x  Quartz crystal wand - for grid activation (from Mongolia)