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Interdimensional Awareness Crystal Grid Kit

$120.00 USD
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As a collective, we may have reached a point where we sense we are not alone in this Universe. Many of us are now open to the idea that other 'dimensions' or realities exist. There are many theories - both scientific and metaphysical -that overlapping dimensions exist transcending space and time. For example, we may occasionally experience "deja vu" or we may think of a loved one right before we get a phone call from them...

You can use this Inter-Dimensional crystal grid to assist you in being able to perceive these other dimensions of experience.

This kit offers two options of the center generator stone. Choose either an Aqua Aura Spirit Quartz Generator OR a Clear Quartz Generator. 

Grid Kit includes:

  1. A Metatron's Cube Geometric pattern (grid) silkscreened onto a 10"x12" 100% organic cotton double drawstring muslin bag for easy travel. 
  2. Instructions/information brochure detailing how to cleanse, setup & activate your grid.
  3. Turquoise colored voile bag for crystal/stone storage.
  4. Stones:
  • 1x  Spirit Quartz generator crystal OR Clear Quartz generator (center stone)
  • 2x  Labradorite polished gallets (from Madagascar)
  • 2x  Garnet natural crystals (from Morocco)
  • 2x  Iolite tumbled polished pebbles (from India)
  • 2x  Blue Calcite rough pebbles (from Mexico)
  • 2x  Fluorite cleaved octahedrons (from China)
  • 2x  Prehnite "stalactites" (from India)
  • 2x  Chrome Diopside crystal points (from Pakistan? )
  • 14x  Quartz crystal points (from Madagascar)
  • 1x  Quartz crystal wand - for grid activation (from Mongolia)

All of the above packaged into an "Indestructo" box for safe-keeping and easy travel. 

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