Crystal Grid Set for Self-Confidence & Awareness

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Placing the self-confidence & awareness crystal grid set in your home can help you develop a clear understanding of how you would like to show up in the world and stand in your power. This is also an aspect of self-love. Meditating with the crystal grid can bring additional benefits

Grid Kit includes:

  1. A Flower of Life Geometric pattern variation (grid) silkscreened onto a 10"x12" 100% organic cotton double drawstring muslin bag for easy travel.
  2. Instructions/information brochure detailing how to cleanse, setup & activate your grid.
  3. Stones:
  • 1x  Angel Aura polished generator crystal
  • 4x  Pink Chalcedony "roses" (from New Mexico)
  • 2x  Apophyllite pyramidal crystals (from India)
  • 2x  Blue Kyanite small thin bladed crystals (from Brazil)
  • 2x  Amethyst crystals (from China)
  • 2x  Aquamarine gemmy crystals (from Namibia)
  • 2x  Sunstone rough crystals (from Oregon)
  • 4x  Angel Aura Quartz crystal points (from Madagascar)
  • 6x  Quartz crystal points (from Madagascar)
  • 1x  Quartz crystal wand - for grid activation (from Mongolia)