Taos Rockers Western US Collecting

Western U.S. Collecting

Mt. Anterio, Colorado 2008 ... Busse Claim ... and a Topaz!

At Taos Rockers, we like to collect our own minerals from the western US. Some of what Anne & Cortney have collected includes:

Arizona - Patagonia jasper, quartz, petrified wood, fire agate, turquoise, copper minerals, apache tears, hemimorphite, geodes, travertine, wulfenite

California - kyanite, dumortierite

Colorado - peridot, smoky quartz, garnet, beryl (aquamarine), topaz, amazonite

Idaho -  jasper, schorl, agate

Montana - sapphire, amethyst/smoky quartz

Nevada - opal, garnet, smoky quartz, turquoise

New Mexico - peridot, turquoise, marine fossils, staurolite, Harding pegmatite, Mn minerals, fluorite, petrified wood, Pecos diamonds, calcite, sunstone

Oregon - sunstone, obsidian, opal, snake-skin agate

South Dakota - pegmatites

Texas - petrified wood

Utah - jasper

Wyoming - petrified wood, fossil fish   


Dust Devil Mine - Oregon Sunstones ... Royal Peacock Mine, Virgin Valley Opals, Nevada