How to Work with Crystal & Mineral Energy

You are “working with” a crystal, stone or mineral as soon as you notice it and admire it! Trust that your interest means that somehow, its energy is exactly what you need, and that’s why you noticed it. For fun, you can look up the traditional associations for that mineral; each mineral specimen is unique, and so are you, so you may get something different than the books say.

Why do people “work with” crystal or mineral energy?

The answer can be as simple as “it feels good” or as complex as you want to make it. Humans have worked with crystal energy for millenia. Melody* says the Christian Bible includes over 200 mentions of crystals in both the Old and New Testaments; Buddhism and Hinduism also revere  gemstones and minerals as supportive of spiritual pathways.

People work with crystals and minerals to get a boost of energy to accomplish what they need. Someone might hold onto a piece of lepidolite to reduce their anxiety. Another person might include a piece of citrine in the cash register of their store to bring more abundance. Someone else might grid their hotel room with black tourmaline crystals to keep “good” energy in and “bad” juju out. Someone looking for the love of their life might wear ruby earrings to attract the “right” kind of heart-centered energy.

Do these things actually work? Most would say “yes,” provided the intention is true, an appropriate mineral or crystal has been chosen – and always within the framework of divine timing (patience is a virtue). Keep in mind the crystal may give you what you want in a way that you do not expect!

A Basic Primer on Working with Crystal and Mineral Energy

Whole books have been written on this subject, so this is a short introduction. Some of the most popular books on working with crystal energy at Taos Rockers include The Crystal Bible (Judy Hall), Crystal Gridwork (Kiera Fogg), and Crystal Muse (Heather Askinosie and Timmi Janro).  

Display the Mineral 

Displaying a beautiful mineral specimen, crystal or standup in your home or office brings that mineral’s energy to that space. For boost to the mineral’s impact, select the location with feng shui in mind.

Include a Crystal with a Flower or Altar Display

Just as you might want to place a flower arrangement in a room to bring its energy to the space, you can have a crystal or mineral arrangement to bring that energy to your space. If you have a particular intention or prayer, some would call the arrangement an altar. Such arrangements are highly personal and can include different kinds of mementos; the only requirement is that it brings a smile to your face when you notice it!

Place the Mineral Where It Is Needed

Some popular minerals have particular energy associations that make them useful in specific locations. Here are a few examples:

  • Place pyrite or black tourmaline inside your car for protection
  • Place moonstone inside your pillowcase for better dreams
  • Place citrine in your cash register at work for more prosperity energy
  • Place fluorite in or on your desk for greater mental focus and clarity


Crystals are a traditional addition to many meditation practices. A few examples are:

  • Hold the mineral in your hand(s) while meditating
  • While laying down, place crystals on or close to your chakras to stimulate those areas of your consciousness
  • Focus on a particular mineral during meditation
  • During meditation, look into a sphere or polished mineral or crystal face and see what images or thoughts arise. This is called scrying.

Wear the Mineral

If the mineral is an appropriate size and shape, carry it in your pocket, or wear a piece of jewelry made with the mineral. Earrings bring the stone close to the third eye and crown chakras; pendants and necklaces work well with the heart and throat chakras.

Create a Crystal Grid

Include the mineral in a crystal grid; larger mineral specimens are particularly good as the central, focal stone. There are many guides to creating crystal grids on the internet; for an example, click HERE.