The entire universe is made of energy, and your body is no exception.



Long before our modern world of technology and science, ancient cultures lived with the knowledge that all living things carry life force within them. In humans this life force is localized in certain areas of the body. Each culture had their own name(s) for these energy centers. One system describing human energy centers called them the Chakras - there are 7 main ones, and many smaller ones. Keeping the chakra centers open, balanced and flowing is considered a key to good health. Over millenia, each chakra has come to have associations with particular colors, minerals, sounds, notes, chants, elements and others. 

Although once considered rather woo-woo, metaphysical and esoteric, chakras as a concept have now entered American mainstream culture. Google "chakra" and you'll see sites from Deepak Chopra to Healthline, WebMD, and Woman's Day Magazine. We invite you to visit your favorite site and learn more.