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  • Mineralogy and geology*
  • Metaphysical, Spiritual and Healing** Properties***
  • Common Associations


Mineralogy and Geology of Sulphur

Mineral formula: S8

Crystal system: orthorhombic

Crystal habit: Varied! Over 50 forms have been noted, blocky dipyramidal ones most common, also tabular and sphenoidal; also found as powdery coatings, massive material, and in reniform and stalactic forms.

Cleavage: Imperfect on {001}, {110} and {111}.

Fracture:  irregular / uneven to conchoidal

Color: shades of yellow

Luster: resinous, greasy

Diaphaneity: transparent to translucent

Moh’s scale hardness: 1½ - 2½

Streak: colorless

Specific gravity: 2.07

Named after:  A name in Middle English, introduced at least as early as 1390; an alternate name is “brimstone.”

Type locality: Piedmont, Italy; and the Ala Valley, Turin, Italy

Geological occurrence: Usually formed from volcanic action - as a deposition product from volcanic gasses associated with realgar, cinnabar and other minerals. It is also found in some vein deposits and as an alteration product of sulphide minerals. It can also be formed biogenically - a major source being salt domes, where it has formed by the bacterial decomposition of calcium sulfate.

Spiritual, Metaphysical and Healing Properties

Melody states that this mineral is negatively charged, thus it helps eliminate negative thoughts. It tends to promote an abundance of energy, flashes of inspiration, and melt barriers blocking progress.

Common Associations

  • Chakra – the solar plexus chakra
  • Numerology – vibrates to the number 7.
  • Zodiac – Leo
  • Birthstone – no association
  • Wedding Anniversary – no association


* Mineralogical information is from mindat.org

** Always consult with your medical professional for any physical or long-term healing issues.

*** Metaphysical properties come from: 

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