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  • Mineralogy and geology*
  • Metaphysical, Spiritual and Healing** Properties***
  • Common Associations

Mineralogy and Geology of Microcline

Mineral formula: K(AlSi3O8)

Mineral group: member of the Feldspar group

Crystal system: triclinic

Crystal habit: Prismatic crystals, or granular, or massive. Often exhibits intergrowths.

Cleavage: perfect on {001], good on {010]

Fracture: irregular / uneven

Color: white, gray, yellowish gray, tan, salmon pink, bluish-green or green (amazonite)

Luster: vitreous

Diaphaneity: transparent to translucent

Moh’s scale hardness: 6 – 6 ½

Streak: white

Specific gravity: 2.54 – 2.57

Named after: the Greek words for little and to incline, in 1830 by Johann Friedrich August Breithaupt, based on feldspars from Norway that had a small departure from monoclinic symmetry.

Type locality: Arendal, Agder, Norway, and Stavern, Larvik, Vestfold og Telemark, Norway.

Geological occurrence: Plutonic felsic rocks, pegmatites, high-grade metamorphic veins, hydrothermal veins


Spiritual, Metaphysical and Healing Properties

Microcline enhances connections to higher vibrational energies in all areas of study. It assists with polarity balancing, protection, and release of that which is not for the higher good. It helps with mental endeavors, bringing clarity and stability. It has been used to stimulate dreaming.

Common Associations

  • Numerology - vibrates to the number 5
  • Zodiac – Aries
  • Birthstone – none traditional
  • Wedding Anniversary – none traditional


* Mineralogical information is from mindat.org

** Always consult with your medical professional for any physical or long-term healing issues.

*** Metaphysical properties come from: 

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