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  • Mineralogy and geology*
  • Metaphysical, Spiritual and Healing** Properties***
  • Common Associations


Mineralogy and Geology of Gypsum

Gypsum occurs in several forms with different names:

  • Alabaster (massive fine-grained)
  • Satin spar (silky parallel fibrous)
  • Selenite (clear crystals)

Regular “gypsum” is the satin spar variety.

In today’s marketplace, “selenite” is often used to describe regular (fibrous satin spar) gypsum and alabaster because of its associations with metaphysical energy work. Mineralogically, selenite refers only to the optically clear crystals of this mineral. When working with gypsum energy, choose the form that speaks to your intention. Satin spar is the most commonly available variety and what is usually shown on books and website about crystal energy.

Mineral formula: CaSO4 · 2H2O

Grouping: part of the gypsum supergroup (a sulfate mineral)

Crystal system: Monoclinic

Crystal habit: thin to thick tabular crystals; also prismatic to acicular; also bent or twisted “noodles;” also massive or fibrous (satin spar)

Cleavage: perfect on {010}, distinct on {100}, imperfect on {011}

Fracture: splintery, conchoidal

Color: clear to white, may be tinged other hues

Luster: vitreous, sub-vitreous, silky, pearly, dull

Diaphaneity: transparent, translucent, to opaque

Moh’s scale hardness: 2; varies with direction down to 1.5

Streak: white

Specific gravity: 2.312 – 2.322

Named after: by Theophrastus about 300-325 BCE from the Greek γυψοζ (gypsos) meaning plaster. The variety selenite is named after the goddess of the moon, Selene.

Geological occurrence: Commonest of the sulphate minerals, gypsum is found in marine evaporites, in caves where the air is dry enough to allow it to be deposited and remain, at fumaroles, and in the oxidized zones of sulfide deposits on occasion.


Metaphysical, Spiritual and Healing** Properties***

Clearing and cleansing selenite and gypsum – contrary to what many authors assert, gypsum and selenite do not dissolve in water. However, most pieces consist of multiple crystals and water can seep in between the crystals. If you use salt water to cleanse this mineral, small amounts can crystallize in those tiny spaces and pop the piece apart (note this is also true for quartz!). The recommended methods for clearing this mineral are (1) placing in sunlight (if it is white or clear); (2) placing in moonlight ; or (3) placing on a bed of already cleared quartz crystals.

Placing crystals in sunlight or moonlight also charges the crystals with that energy. High vibrational gypsum / selenite may not need to be charged. Placing other crystals in or on bowls and plates made of gypsum/selenite/alabaster lates is said to charge those crystals.

Because of the confusion between gypsum, selenite and alabaster, the metaphysical properties listed refer to any variety. Use your own intuition as to which form of the mineral works best for your intention.

  • Helps eliminate stagnation, so supports growth and improvement, helps when life moves too quickly. The bright, light energy can be used for protection.
  • Fish-tail selenite (also known as angel wing) has a deeply calming effect on emotions, helping to clear and facilitate communication with the spirit realm.
  • Rods or sticks of satin spar gypsum brushed over the body give an energetic “bath” helping to cleanse energy.
  • Pieces of gypsum/selenite/satin spar placed on window sills help with cleansing, clearing, protecting and raising the vibration to a higher level.
  • Hold pieces of gypsum in meditation to bring light and awareness.
  • Selenite / gypsum spheres have been used for scrying, to elevate thoughts and help to receive divine insights.
  • Acicular and clear selenite particularly enhances mental clarity. It is also used to access pass lives: rub the crystal with the flesh of your finger or thumb while meditating on the subject.
  • Kiera Fogg classifies gypsum/selenite as guardian crystals, those that help with maintaining and magnifying current circumstances and protecting that.


Common Associations

  • Numerology – Satin spar vibrates to the number 2; selenite vibrates to the number 8; alabaster vibrates to the number 7
  • Zodiac – Satin spar is associated with Aries; selenite is associated with Taurus; alabaster is associated with Sagittarius
  • Birthstone – no traditional associations in jewelry as gypsum/selenite is so soft it is easily scratched.
  • Wedding Anniversary – no traditional associations since it is so easily scratched. However white satin spar / selenite / alabaster bowls and lights make lovely wedding presents.



* Mineralogical information is from mindat.org

** Always consult with your medical professional for any physical or long-term healing issues.

*** Metaphysical properties come from: 

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