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  • Mineralogy and geology*
  • Metaphysical, Spiritual and Healing** Properties***
  • Common Associations

Mineralogy and Geology of Dumortierite

Mineral formula: Al(Al2O)(Al2O)2(SiO4)3(BO3)

Grouping: member of the dumortierite group

Crystal system: orthorhombic

Crystal habit: fibrous aggregates of slender prismatic crystals

Cleavage: distinct on {100}

Color: blue, greenish-blue, violet are most common
Streak: none (harder than streak plate)

Luster: vitreous

Diaphaneity: translucent

Moh’s scale hardness: 7 - 8

Specific gravity: 3.21 – 3.41

Named after: a famous French paleontologist, Eugène Dumortier

Type locality: Ducarre’s Quarry, Beaunant, Chaponost, Lyon, Rhone, France

Geological occurrence: typically occurs in aluminum-rich regionally metamorphosed rocks disseminated and in veinlets cutting schist, also in pegmatitic veins.


Spiritual, Metaphysical and Healing Properties

Blue dumortierite relates to the throat and third-eye chakras, assisting in verbalization of ideas pertaining to spiritual matters. It is considered to be a calming mineral, enhancing patience, particularly in situations where reality appears bizarre.

Common Associations

  • Chakra – throat and third eye
  • Numerology - vibrates to the number 4
  • Zodiac – Leo
  • Birthstone – no traditional associations
  • Wedding Anniversary – no traditional associations


* Mineralogical information is from mindat.org

** Always consult with your medical professional for any physical or long-term healing issues.

*** Metaphysical properties come from: 

Love Is in the Earth (1995) Melody, Earth-Love Publishing House, 726 pp.