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  • Mineralogy and geology*
  • Metaphysical, Spiritual and Healing** Properties***
  • Common Associations

Mineralogy and Geology of Danburite

Mineral formula: CaB2Si2O8

Crystal system: orthorhombic

Crystal habit: prismatic crystals, disseminated masses

Cleavage: poor/indistinct on {001}

Fracture: irregular/uneven, subconchoidal

Color: pale yellow, yellowish brown, colorless

Luster: vitreous, greasy

Diaphaneity: Transparent to translucent

Moh’s scale hardness: 7 – 7 ½

Streak: white

Specific gravity:  2.93 – 3.02

Type locality: Danbury, Connecticut, USA

Geological occurrence: Granite and metamorphosed carbonates, evaporites.

Named for: the type locality – Danbury, Connecticut.


Spiritual, Metaphysical and Healing Properties

Danburite is a highly spiritual stone with a pure vibration that works with the heart chakra. It activates and links one’s higher consciousness and mind with higher vibrational levels. Wearing or carrying danburite provides a source of serenity and heart wisdom. Used in meditation it supports access of higher inner guidance. This mineral encourages you to let your light shine, in harmony with others.

Danburite can facilitate deep change, assisting with leaving the past behind and acting as a karmic cleanser. Danburite clarifies the aura and promotes lucid dreaming; try placing a piece next to your bed.

According to Judy Hall (see below), danburite offers the power of acceptance.

Common Associations

  • Chakra – third eye, crown, and higher crown; pink varieties link with the heart chakra
  • Numerology - vibrates to the number 4
  • Zodiac – Leo
  • Birthstone – none traditional
  • Wedding Anniversary – none traditional


* Mineralogical information is from mindat.org

** Always consult with your medical professional for any physical or long-term healing issues.

*** Metaphysical properties come from: 

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