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  • Mineralogy and geology*
  • Metaphysical, Spiritual and Healing** Properties***
  • Common Associations


Mineralogy and Geology of Carnelian

Carnelian is a type of chalcedony; visit the chalcedony page for its mineralogical properties.

It is named after cornum, Latin for cherry, based on its color.

It is found in many locations in the United States, including New Mexico.


Spiritual, Metaphysical and Healing Properties

Carnelian supports analytical capabilities and precision, and self-confidence and inner "fire." As such it helps protect against envy, fear and anger; it can bring joy and happiness.

It is a stimulating stone, and can be used to dispel apathy and indolence.

In crystal grids, carnelian is useful for promoting focus and inner power.

In ritual, carnelian can symbolize and encourage abundance, moving forward on a new path, creativity, and protection.

Place carnelian in your home to bring in more of the fire element.


Common Associations

  • Chakras – sacral and solar plexus
  • Numerology - vibrates to the numbers 5 and 6
  • Element - fire
  • Zodiac – Taurus, Cancer, Leo
  • Birthstone – an alternative for July
  • Wedding Anniversary – 17th


* Mineralogical information is from mindat.org

** Always consult with your medical professional for any physical or long-term healing issues.

*** Metaphysical properties come from: 

Love Is in the Earth (1995) Melody, Earth-Love Publishing House, 726 pp.

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Energetic properties: With its orange-red color, carnelian supports the sacral chakra, center for creativity, passion and fertility. Work with it to support your self-confidence, motivation and creativity.