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Orpheus Agate

Orpheus agate is a rare variety of agate geode unique to Bulgaria. At the Munich Agate exhibition of 2005 it was confirmed as a new and unique occurrence. Orpheus agate is not only unique to Bulgaria, but it occurs in one specific an area less than the size of a football field in the Rhodope Mountains within Kardzhali Province. Very rare indeed!

Orpheus agate is named after the ancient legendary Greek musical hero who frolicked in the area where the deposit is located. The agate is typically banded with green celadonite and yellow/orange/red/brown jasper with pockets and/or centers of clear to white chalcedony. The chalcedony may contain dendritic moss agate (green) or colored plume inclusions (orange/gold/red). Once one is exposed to Orpheus agate, it is easily and readily identifiable.

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