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Geologic: A secondary copper mineral frequently found in the oxidized zones of Cu-bearing ore deposits. Azurite is typically found as tabular to prismatic crystals of a deep "azure blue" color with splendent vitreous faces. There are over 45 well-known forms, and over 100 forms have been described. Azurite is often pseudomorphed to Malachite, and the two are very frequently found together.
Azurite may be confused with (the very rare) Mrázekite. -Mindat

Metaphysical: Azurite is known as "the stone of Heaven". It stimulates the pursuit of the Heavenly self, providing for guidance via the third eye and allowing for precise verbalization of psychic experiences. This mineral further awakens the development of the psychic self and provides for insight into all areas of one's life. Ir also promotes the recognition of intuitive information which is relevant to the loving ways to further the talents. - Melody