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Amianto Quartz

Also known as asbestos or amphibole quartz, the alternative name most likely resulted because of the negative health associations with industrial asbestos. Please note that the included mineral found in this kind of quartz is altered amphibole / asbestos, and is more likely to be a form of kaolinite (clay) mixed with iron oxides and hydroxides.

A newer name for this kind of included quartz is Angel Phantom.

These crystals help to align chakras and provide grounding, and assists with dreaming and dream recall. They support all types of communication, including psychic awareness, bringing positivity and persistence. This can be considered to be communication with angelic guides!

Some so-called "red phantom" quartz, also from Brazil, may be this same type of quartz. The "red phantoms" typically include kaolinite, limonite and/or hematite, all of which can be related to reverse metamorphism of asbestos or amphibole in quartz. If the red-brown colors are dominant, it is particularly supportive for the lower three chakras.