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Mineral formula: PbTe

Mineral group: member of the Galena group

Crystal system: Isometric

Crystal habit: Rarely in very small cubes and octahedra; massive, as cleavages, to 1 cm; granular, myrmekitic in other sulfides.

Cleavage: perfect on {001}

Fracture: sub-conchoidal

Color: tin-white with a light yellow tint

Luster: metallic

Diaphaneity: opaque

Moh’s scale hardness: 2 - 3

Streak: black

Specific gravity: 8.19

Named after: the discovery locality: Zavodinsk, Rudny Altai, Kazakhstan.

Type locality: Second Zavodinskii Mine, Altai, East Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan

Geological occurrence: in lead sulfide veins and deposits.