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 How Spinner Rings Can Calm Anxiety

There is no substitute for a comprehensive anxiety treatment. Anxiety is not the type of condition that you can simply wish away, and ideally you need to make sure that you’re learning new and healthier coping strategies that will cure your anxiety once and for all.

But it is also helpful to have some type of tool that you can take with you that will help you calm down during those times of intense anxiety. One such tool is a spinner ring, also known as a meditation ring or worry ring. This article explores the value of a spinner ring along with information on how best to use it.

Spinner rings are one step in a larger anxiety reduction process. Most people with anxiety are aware of the need to fidget when they’re feeling anxious. Some people bite or pick their nails. Some people put their hands in their pockets. Others fiddle with their necklaces or even their rings. Spinner rings are designed to be fiddled with. They’re a healthy, less obvious way to move your hands when you feel that you need fidgeting. You simply spin the canter ring with your fingers and take deep breaths to experience a calm, more meditative state.

It is unlikely that there is any magical power in the spinner ring (unless it includes stones), and that fidgeting with it is calming because fidgeting with it is calming because moving your fingers in general has a calming effect. Similarly, people with anxiety have a tendency to fight it and ignore it. Spinning a ring dedicated to anxiety is a way of bringing yourself into the present moment and acknowledging that you have anxiety, bring your focus onto your breath and state of mind, which can actually be calming in its own way.

There are ways to make the ring a more powerful anecdote for anxiety, however: by associating it with a relaxing event, thought, action, or practice.

Even though human beings are extremely intelligent creatures, they’re still prone to behavioral training and associations. For example, you got in a fight with your partner in bed one day, then the next time you go to bed -even if the fight is over and you feel much better- you’re more likely to experience anxiety and anger, simply because you’re in the same place the fight happened.

Finding the association- It starts by figuring out what you want to associate with the ring. Some people prefer a happy thought, like an amazing vacation they had or the calming nature of a beach. Others prefer affirmations, where they tell themselves things like “I’m a great person” and “my anxiety doesn’t control me because I create my own reality”. Saying these things to yourself can actually be very powerful.

Others prefer to think of a person that makes them happy or anxiety free, like a lover or a child, or the whole family. Still others prefer to associate it with something they nee to remember -for example, you may want to remind yourself to slow down your breathing during and anxiety attack to reduce your anxiety symptoms.

Tibetan spinner rings are not an anxiety cure, but they are a valuable tool that can be used to channel that anxious energy. Having something to fiddle with when you’re feeling anxious is very useful, and if you can also associate it with something that calms you, it can whiled great benefits. You’ll still want to control your anxiety with other anxiety-reduction strategies depending on the severity of your anxiety.

If rings are just not for you, I also greatly recommend a pocket stone, some call them touch stones or worry stones. Keeping one in your pocket also gives you a way to fidget and keep your mind grounded. Trace the shape with your fingers, think of the properties of the stone that you chose, associate it with a calming place or any of the associations mentioned above.

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