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Wulfenite with Mimetite, Galena & Cerussite, Mina Ojuela, Mexico

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Wulfenite with Mimetite, Galena & Cerussite - Mina Ojuela, Mapimi, Durango, Mexico

WxHxD: 11.5x7x8cm= 4.5x2.7x3.1in

Wulfenite is a lead molybdate found as thin tabular crystals often with a bright orange-red to yellow-orange or brown color, formed as a secondary mineral in the oxidized zone of ore deposits.

Pb(MoO4);  Hardness  2½ - 3;  Tetragonal

Mimetite is a lead arsenate chloride mineral formed as a secondary deposit in the oxidized zones of lead deposits, usually as small hexagonal prisms. The color varies from pale to bright yellow, to orange to brown, even gree or white.   The name means “imitator”, in reference to it’s resemblance to pyromorphite.

Pb5(AsO4)3Cl;  Hardness 3½ - 4;  Hexagonal

Galena is the primary ore mineral of lead, the typical specimen being over 85% lead. It is easily smelted and has been worked for its lead content for over 5000 years. The crystals have perfect cubic cleavage and are bright when first uncovered but often tarnish after being exposed to air.



PbS; Hardness 2.5;  Isometric



Cerussite is a lead carbonate usually found in the oxidized zone of lead ore deposits. It is a very common weathering product of galena and other lead ore minerals.  It is typically colorless, or white, grey, green or blue.

PbCO3;  Hardness 3 - 3½;  orthorhombic

Wulfenite supports the avoidance of blockages and other circumstance which impede one’s personal development, accepting that which cannot be changed – as in the famous Serenity prayer.  It facilitates attunement to higher dimensions and higher beings.

Mimetite promotes independence of thought and action, such that the desire to imitate other’s mannerisms, life style or demeanor is decreased.  When yellow it also supports third chakra functions such as mental clarity in communication. 

A grounding and centering stone, galena has a harmonious vibration that makes fertile ground for insights regarding one’s field of study as well as one’s karma in this life.

Cerussite supports grounding, allowing one to feel comfortable in all environments, adapting to change as required.  It supports the free flow of energy.  Working with this mineral supports communication, especially correspondence and listening.



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