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Turquoise/Ammonite Split Ring

$150.00 USD

This beautiful ring was created in inspiration for the way the sun appears over the ocean. It features a lovely blue Turquoise cabochon and Ammonite split, set artfully in a sterling silver setting by Taos-local artist Rory Kenward. 

Size: 7.75

Gift box included.

Ammonites were marine animals (extinct) belonging to the phylum Mollusca and the class Cephalopoda. They had a coiled external shell similar to that of the modern nautilus. In other living cephalopods, e.g. octopus, squid and cuttlefish, the shells are small and internal, or absent.

Turquoise was one of the earliest gems to be used by humans for ornamentation. Color can range from bright blue to grayish green, with a waxy lustre. Mined throughout the world, turquoise is often chalky and therefore stabilized in a hardening process.

Chemical composition: Cu(Al,Fe3+)6(PO4)4(OH)8 · 4H2O; Hardness: 5-6

Fossils energetically support an increase in vitality and life span by reducing toxins, anxiety, and stress while balancing the emotions. Fossils have very calming and soothing energy promoting feelings of tranquility, contentment, and comfort. Fossils may assist one in business endeavors.

Known as the “Vision Quest Stone,” turquoise aids one in attuning with higher planes, giving strength and protection during vision quests and astral travel. Also useful for balancing male/female energies within oneself and enhancing clarity of communication both written and oral.


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