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Tourmaline Crystal Pendant in Silver Wire-wrap

$64.00 USD

Raw Tourmaline crystal wrapped fashionably in a silver wire by Taos county local artist, dealer and collector Mike Fine. 

The stone is a very dark green-black in coloration. Perfect trigonal termination.

Tourmaline is the name given to a large group of minerals sharing the same general properties and crystalline structure but with varying chemistry. Crystallizing in the form of vertically striated prismatic crystals. Tourmaline occurs in more colors than any other mineral group, ranging from deep pink to red to red-violet (Rubellite), blue to indigo-blue (Indicolite), yellow (aka “Peridot of Ceylon” and Tsilasite), brown (Dravite), green (Verderite), pink (Elbaite), orange, purple/lavender, black (Aphrizite and Schorl), colorless (Achroite), bi-colored, tri-colored, multi-colored, and a variety which exhibits triangular and triskelion formations. Phew!

Hardness: 7-7.5

Tourmaline assists in clearing, balancing and vitalizing the body’s energy centers. Green Tourmaline activates the heart chakra, inspiring compassion and creativity.


Stone measures 45mm long and 9mm deep. 

Cord not included.

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