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Staurolite Ring

$150.00 USD

This ring showcases a Staurolite cross artfully set in sterling silver. Size 7.5

Creation of Taos-local jeweler Rory Kenward. 

Staurolite is a silica mineral that occurs as dark brown to black six-sided crystals. Staurolite frequently forms as penetration twins (two crystals intersecting). Our staurolites are locally sourced here in Taos county where they can be found in micaceous schist. Taos staurolites often contain inclusions of tiny red garnets.

Chemical composition: Fe2+2Al9Si4O23(OH); Hardness: 7-7.5

Staurolite is a ceremonial stone with a strong protective vibration. It naturally forms in the shape of a cross. Staurolites are also known as “fairy crosses,” and legend says that they are the crystallized tears of fairies who cried at the news of Christ’s crucifixion.

Size 7.5

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