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Smithsonite & Aurichalcite XL Piece

$229.00 USD

An extra-large specimen of Smithsonite and Aurichalcite. Flat base. 

Kelly Mine, Magdalena District, Socorro County, New Mexico

Aurichalcite is a soft carbonate mineral usually found as a secondary mineral of zinc and copper deposits that often presents as druzy crusts or aggregates of prismatic crystals. Aurichalcite has a color range of bluish greens and a monoclinic crystal system with pearly lustre. Minerals with similar chemistry to Aurichalcite include rosasite and zincian malachite. 

Chemical formula: (Zn,Cu)5(CO3)2(OH)6

Hardness: 1-2

Smithsonite is zinc carbonate, a secondary mineral of zinc ore deposits, usually found in botryoidal masses. It can be found in a rainbow of colors caused by partial replacement of zinc by other minerals such as copper in the case of green smithsonite and cobalt in pink smithsonite. A member of the calcite group of minerals, smithsonite has a trigonal crystal system.

Chemical composition: ZnCO3

Hardness: 4-4.5

Aurichalcite is a throat chakra supporting mineral that connects to the heart center and will assist one in clear and loving communication. Use aurichalcite to stimulate courageous action, increase empathy, and bring clarity to confusing situations.

Smithsonite resonates with the element of water and is a great tension reliever. It gives support to all of the energy centers and gently cleanses negative energy from the system. For those suffering heartbreak, pink smithsonite is a healing balm. Yellow smithsonite helps to release stuck energy that is dampening one’s willpower. The tranquil presence of blue/green smithsonite is perfect for supporting meditation and stimulating psychic awareness.


Measures 4.5-inches long by 3-inches deep. 

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