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Shungite Stickers

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These stickers are wonderful for use on electronic devices! Place on the back of your cell phone, laptop, router, etc. for continuous EMF deflection. 

These stickers are weather-proof with a very strong adhesive.

Shungite is well known for its protective qualities regarding EMFs and is a great stone for water purification. 

Shungite is composed of primarily amorphous graphite (carbon), crystalline silicate particles, and a complexity of other minerals such as silicon, aluminum, magnesium, iron, sulfur, calcium, and phosphorus distributed throughout the stone. 

Carbon molecules (60-98% of shungite's composition) are known to gather into hollow, globular molecules known as "fullerenes". There are many health benefits associated with fullerenes, a few including anti-aging, anti-viral and antioxidant. 

For more information on Shungite please see this article.

about 1-2mm thick

Large Rectangle Shungite sticker: 18mm wide x 24mm long

Small Rectangle Shungite sticker: 8mm wide x 18mm long 

Circle Shungite Sticker (all patterns): 1-inch x 1-inch 

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