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Quartz Var Smoky Quartz with Altered Rutile Inclusions

$70.00 USD

Rutile is one of five natural forms of titanium dioxide and the most abundant. It sometimes forms like wheat straw or needles within other crystals such as quartz or topaz. Rutile has an adamantine luster and refractive index that rivals diamond but cannot compare in hardness.

Chemical composition: TiO2; Hardness: 6-6.5

Smoky is a variety of Quartz colored by trace elements built into the crystal lattice, in this case, aluminum. Irradiation of aluminum impurities within the quartz produces the grayish to brownish-black color

Quartz Chemical composition: SiO2; Hardness: 7

Ideal for dream work. Rutilated Smoky Quartz aids in clearing blockages and making sense of the meaning behind symbols in dreams. Smoky Quartz's grounding effects help in decision making.

Rutile has a stabilizing energy and can help get to the cause of a problem by eliminating obstacles and blockages. Its ethereal aspect strengthens intuition and aids in understanding the meaning of dreams and visions.

Smoky Quartz facilitates connection of the root and crown chakras to bring your dreams into physical reality, the release of old stories and belief systems that no longer serve you, and helps remove energetic radiation from the environment.

2-inches long x 1.5-inches wide x 1.5-inches tall

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