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Orgonite Shungite Pyramid

$45.00 USD

This is a beautiful decorative shungite orgone-cast pyramid perfect for an altar space, or can even be used on a desk as a paperweight! Use near electronic devices to diffuse the Electro-Magnetic Frequencies emanating while the devices are turned on. Steep in water for a healing water re-crystallization, mineral content and ingested EMF protection.  

Shungite is well known for its protective qualities regarding EMFs and is a great stone for water purification. 

Shungite is composed of primarily amorphous graphite (carbon), crystalline silicate particles, and a complexity of other minerals such as silicon, aluminum, magnesium, iron, sulfur, calcium, and phosphorus distributed throughout the stone. 

Carbon molecules (60-98% of shungite's composition) are known to gather into hollow, globular molecules known as "fullerenes". There are many health benefits associated with fullerenes, a few including anti-aging, anti-viral and antioxidant. 

For more information on Shungite please see this article.

Orgone creations or Orgonite play on the piezoelectric effect (electric polarization in a substance [especially certain crystals] resulting from the application of mechanical stress). Crystals and metals are combined into a plastic resin that shrinks as it dries. In the shrinking process, stress and pressure are put on the stones causing them to emit an electric current. This process perpetually activates the stones and causes them to emit a continuous energy current. 

pyramid is a structure whose outer surfaces are triangular and converge to a single step at the top, making the shape roughly a pyramid in the geometric sense. Pyramids converge the energy of the stone into a single point emanating from the top. 

70mm x 70mm (3-inches x 3-inches)

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