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Cobaltoan Calcite

$35.00 USD

Cobaltoan Calcite on matrix - Congo

Width x Height x Depth: 50x45x55mm= 1.97x1.77x2.17in

Calcite is naturally colorless or white with vitreous luster, though introduction of other compounds during formation can result in a variety of colors. It is best known for its characteristic rhombohedron crystallization though it can be found in various forms.

Cobaltoan Calcite is a cobalt-bearing variation of calcite that is pink to purple in color.

Chemical composition: (Ca,Co)CO3; Hardness: 3

Cobaltoan Calcite is a heart stone that connects one to the joy and beauty of life. It charges the energy field with positive vibrations and attunes to a frequency of divine love. Use Cobaltoan Calcite for clearing of emotional trauma and recovery after invasive medical procedures.

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