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Calcite with Hematite

$185.00 USD

Calcite cluster with Hematite Inclusions - Mexico

Width x Height x Depth: 130x145x70mm= 5.12x5.71x2.76in

Also known as lime-spar, Calcite has a plethora of uses in construction, agriculture, and chemical engineering. Best known for its characteristic rhombohedron crystallization though it can be found in various forms. Naturally colorless or white with a vitreous luster, though the introduction of other compounds during formation can result in a variety of colors.

Chemical composition: Ca[CO3]; Hardness: 3

Hematite is a common iron oxide that is sometimes magnetic. It is iron, grey in color and is found throughout the world near the earth’s surface.

Chemical composition: Fe2O3 ; Hardness: 5-6

Calcite is used for energy cleansing and amplification. Place calcite on the body to clear stuck energy and reset and activate chakras. Excellent for support in learning new things and progressing in a healing practice.

Hematite helps sort mental clutter and enhances mental acuity and memory. A grounder and balancer of energies, it promotes equilibrium of mind, body, and spirit.


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