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Rough Ruby in Zoisite

$64.00 USD

Rough Ruby in Zoisite with Pargasite and Albite - Mundarara mine, Longido, Tanzania

Width x Height x Depth: 75x45x65mm= 2.95x1.77x2.56in

Stand not included.

Also known as Anyolite, this stone is composed of green Zoisite with inclusions of Ruby (red corundum).

Chemical composition of Zoisite: Ca2Al3[Si2O7][SiO4]O(OH); Hardness: 6.5

Chemical composition of Corundum (Ruby): Al2O3; Hardness: 9

Ruby in Zoisite is a decompression stone that helps one return to a centered state of being. Zoisite reawakens the creativity inside you; combined with the stimulating heart energy of ruby it helps find your bliss and engage joyfully with life. This exquisite mineral combination amplifies one’s energy field, connecting flow between the lower and higher chakras and increasing empathic ability. As an assistant in energy medicine Ruby in Zoisite is used by healers to help identify what energies they are working with, make clear diagnosis, communicate with the spiritual realms, and address blockages that are affecting vitality.

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