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Iceland Spar Calcite Rhombus

$45.00 USD

Iceland Spar, Calcite Rhombus (Viking Sunstone) - Chihuahua Mexico

Width x Height x Depth: 65x30x95mm= 2.56x1.18x3.74in

Iceland Spar is a transparent optical quality variety of Calcite with double refraction, or birefringence, first found in Iceland. Historical researchers think the “sunstone” used by Vikings to navigate their ships were, in fact, Iceland Spar.

Chemical composition: CaCO3; Hardness: 3

Calcite is used for energy cleansing and amplification and is excellent for support in learning new things and progressing in a healing practice. The Iceland Spar variety is exceptionally well suited for awareness in communication, increasing clarity and reminding us that words can have two meanings.


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