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Kyanite & Quartz

$25.00 USD

Blue Kyanite with Quartz 

Width x Height x Depth: 65x30x40mm= 2.56x1.18x1.57in

Stand not included.

Kyanite is a common metamorphic silicate mineral, usually bluish in color, though it can appear in shades of grey, black, blue, pink, white and yellow. It is usually found as bladed crystals, though radiating masses of crystals have been known to occur. Kyanite can expand up to twice its original volume when heated.

Chemical composition: Al2(SiO4)O ; Hardness: 5.5-7

Quartz is a crystalline form of silica. The greatest concentrations of quartz are found in silica-rich igneous and metamorphic rocks. Often transparent, Quartz can be found in almost any color. Quartz has piezoelectric properties, meaning it generates an electric charge in response to pressure.

Chemical composition: SiO2; Hardness: 7

Kyanite aids with authentic communication, calling in healing guides and transmuting negativity, soothing energy and release of anger towards another, letting go of pride and resentment. This mineral can assist in travel while sleeping, to keep you aware of your surroundings and allow you to work out real-life challenges within the constructs of your mind and to release any fear. Kyanite is an excellent facilitator for meditation and never needs cleansing or clearing as it does not retain negative vibrations.

Quartz is called the Master Healer Stone. It amplifies personal power by connecting one to the energies of the universe. Quartz acts as a bridger of realms and opens doors for communication with plants, animals, and beings from other dimensions. Quartz will activate all of the energy centers and trigger one’s highest potential to unfold.

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