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Drusy Apophyllite

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Drusy Apophyllite - L x W x D: 150mm x 100mm x 25mm

A uniquely shaped specimen.

Apophyllite crystallizes as pseudo-cubic crystals, granular masses, natural pyramidal structures, and as druse upon other minerals. It can occur in green, white, grayish, yellowish, rose-red tint, and clear/colorless forms. Apophyllite was first reported in 1806 and was named for the Greek words meaning “get” and “leaf,” due to its tendency to exfoliate when heated under a blowpipe.

Drusy is a coating of tiny crystals.

Chemical composition: KFCₐ(SiO₅)₄ 8H₂O; Hardness 4.5 – 5

Apophyllite helps bring the physical and spiritual in sync, helping one to realize that the state of “perfection” is the natural state of being. This mineral has been used to facilitate astral travel and help one maintain consciousness during the experience so information is remembered. Apophyllite is also useful for scrying.

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