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Brittle Star Fossil Plate

$134.00 USD

Brittle Star Fossil Plate - Sinosura sp. - Jurassic - Solnhofen Limestone - Bavaria, Germany - Stand included. - Width x Height X Depth = 175x130x5mm

Makes an impressive display piece, and conversation starter!

Brittle Stars are marine creatures known as echinoderms, from the class Ophiuroidea which appeared 500 million years ago. They are related to the starfish and have five spindly arms they use to navigate the ocean floor. More than 2000 species of brittle stars exist today, more than half living in waters deeper than 500 feet.

The Solnhofen Plattenkalk in Germany is a large deposit of very fine limestone containing a well preserved array of fossils from the Jurassic period.

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