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Barite on Fluorite (Rio Arriba Co., NM)

$90.00 USD
Barite on Fluorite (Irridescent) - Small Fry prospect, Rio Arriba County, New Mexico

Width x Height x Depth: 90x125x45mm= 3.54x4.92x1.77in

Barite, the primary ore of barium, is a high-density mineral with a wide range of industrial uses. It occurs mainly as clusters of tabular crystals or white bladed masses. Barite has a high specific gravity that causes it to be very heavy for a non-metallic mineral, making it easy to identify in comparison with similar-looking specimens of quartz, calcite or gypsum. Due to its high-density barite can block gamma-rays and x-rays.

Chemical composition: BaSO4; Hardness: 3

Fluorite is a common mineral that is deposited in veins during hydrothermal processes. It comes in a rainbow of colors, can have a vitreous or dull luster and sometimes exhibits fluorescence. Fluorite has four directions of perfect cleavage and can often be found in octahedron shapes.

Chemical composition: CaF2; Hardness: 4

Barite is a strengthening mineral that helps in recovery from addictions and mental disorders. It has a cathartic influence that expedites the resolution of stuck energies. Barite is a good stone for relationships, as it brings courage and honesty to communication and assists in moving toward goals.

Fluorite aids intuition, memory enhancement, protection of brain function and creating new neural pathways in the brain. It connects with the 3rd eye chakra and increases concentration, balances the energy centers, and allows for the flow of energy to reach all areas of the physical body.


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