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Agate Geode Pair

$65.00 USD

Agate Geode Pair - Baker mine, Luna County, New Mexico.

Width x Height x Depth: 65x50x40mm= 2.56x1.97x1.57in

Stand included.

Agate is a variegated class of Chalcedony, usually displaying different color bands or other patterns- though some Agate is not patterned and displays opaque translucency. Agate was first discovered by Pliny in 77 A.D. and was named for the River Achates in Sicily.

Chemical composition: SiO₂ with other polymorphs of silica; Hardness: 7

The term geode refers to a spherical mass of mineral material with a hollow cavity in the center. Though sometimes filled, the center cavity usually contains some crystalline material, most often quartz.

Agate provides for the balancing of Yin-Yang forces and for the balancing of the physical, emotional and intellectual bodies with the etheric energies. It assists one in bringing clarity to self-assessment and the examination of circumstances relevant to one’s well-being.

Geodes are thought to assist in the pursuit of mathematics and facilitate out of body travel. They are helpful for seeing the “big picture” and empowering one to make decisions regarding the future.

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