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Charoite Post Earrings

$66.00 USD

Charoite oval post earrings. Set in Sterling Sliver. 15mm long = 1.5cm.

Charoite is a light to deep purple mineral named for its area of discovery near the Chara River in Russia. It is always massive in structure and though somewhat unimpressive in the field has a silky, pearly luster when polished that makes it ideal for gemstones and decorative pieces.

Chemical composition:

(K,Sr)15-16(Ca,Na)32[Si6O11(O,OH)6]2[Si12O18(O,OH)12]2[Si17O25(O,OH)18]2(OH,F)4 · ~3H2O

Hardness: 5-6

Silver was known as Argentum in ancient Rome, thus its abbreviation as Ag. It is a member of the copper group.

Chemical composition: Ag; Hardness: 2.5-3


As a healing stone Charoite connects the heart with the higher realms, sharpening one’s intuition and sense of “knowing.” It is a powerful companion when seeking transmutation of negative energies into creative potential. Charoite gives a “tune-up” to the body’s biorhythms and is useful for bolstering physical stamina as well as energetic fortitude.

Silver increases poise, patience and intuition. It is a highly conductive metal that enhances lunar energy and the sacred feminine. Silver amplifies the qualities of gemstones it is paired with.

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