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Blue Apatite Micro-Facet Bracelet

$18.00 USD

This bracelet is made with micro-faceted Blue Apatite beads. Sterling Silver clasp. 6.5" long + an inch-long dangle drop for extending the size. 

Apatite is a general term for a group of phosphate minerals with similar chemistry that can form in a myriad of conditions. It is most often blue, green or yellow and is sometimes found as hexagonal crystals with brilliant color and transparency that can be made into gemstones.

Chemical composition: Ca5(PO4)3(Cl/F/OH); Hardness: 5

Blue Apatite is a spirit guide stone that helps align one with their purpose on Earth. The supportive energy of this mineral provides a powerful impetus for energy shifts and expansion of awareness on all levels. Blue Apatite is helpful for those wishing to communicate with beings from other realms.

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