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Black Spinel and Ethiopian Opal Bracelet

$84.00 USD

This bracelet is made with micro-faceted Black Spinel beads and 6 Ethiopian Opal sphere beads. The opal beads have a brilliant array of light green, hot pink, dark blue, and yellow flashes. Sterling silver clasp. 6.5" long + and an inch-long dangle drop for extending the size. 

Although Opal is still considered a mineral for historical reasons it is actually not a true mineral. It is amorphous and is therefore referred to as a “mineraloid.” The composition of Opal is numerous tiny silica spheres stacked and bonded with silica and water called hydrated silicon dioxide. Once solid, Opal maintains a water content of 3%-21%.

Chemical composition: SiO2 · nH2O ; Hardness: 5.5-6.5

Spinel is a hard mineral that has been confused with corundum for thousands of years. It can present in many colors depending on what impurities were introduced during process.

Chemical composition: MgAl2O4; Hardness: 7.5-8

Opal amplifies one’s own energies and has been used for centuries as a vision stone. The iridescent properties of Opal reflect one’s deepest thoughts and feelings for examination, making this stone a perfect tool for profound inner work.

Black Spinel is an excellent stone for grounding with Earth’s energy, inspiring and empowering one in a balanced way. It emits a protective vibration that repels negativity and prevents energetic drains thereby improving stamina. Spinel is also great for releasing resentment and anger.

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