Crystal Grid Set for Inner Strength, Courage & Love

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This crystal grid set supports self-confidence (self-love) and the peace that comes with that. It can also be used for supporting love (friendship, family, romantic).

  • The pink Lemurian quartz crystal (from Brazil) is highly energizing; the pink color gently supports heart energy. It has a “key” and a “time link”

    • Key: Indentation in one side that narrows as it penetrates; usually 3- or 6-sided. Helps to unlock the doors to hidden aspects of the self, answering questions like “why can’t I …?” or “what is …?”  

    • Time-link future: 7th face is a parallelogram pointing to the right. Shifts awareness to different times, places and dimensions; useful in meditation with respect to future paths.

    • The Vera Cruz amethyst crystals support inner strength, integrating body, heart and mind.

    • The peridot crystals support heart energy along with warmth and grounded encouragement.

    • The quartz crystals are “enhancers,” amplifying the overall energy of the grid.

    • The selenite charging plate keeps the whole grid immersed in spring-fresh energy, continuously clearing and charging the crystals and reinforcing the intent.

More information about working with crystal grids:

The grid set contains:

  • One pink Lemurian quartz crystal (from Brazil) with key and future time-link, about 1.8" long x 0.8" diameter (45mm x 20mm);

  • Three peridot crystals about 0.4" diameter (9mm);

  • Three Vera Cruz amethyst crystals about 0.8" long (20mm);

  • Three clear quartz crystals about 0.8" long (20mm);

  • One selenite (gypsum) charging plate about 3.9" diameter x 0.65" high (10cm x 1.5cm);

  • Printed instructions