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Hemimorphite on Mottramite

$65.00 USD

Hemimorphite on Mottramite - Mina Ojuela, Mapimi, Durango, Mexico

WxHxD: 9.5x8.5x8.5cm= 3.7x3.3x3.3in

Hemimorphite is a white, pale blue-green or gray hydrous zinc silicate usually found in the oxidized zones of zinc and lead deposits, and often associated with smithsonite, ZnCO3. They were assumed to be the same mineral and both were classed under the same name of calamine. Some specimens show strong green fluorescence in shortwave UV light and weak light pink fluorescence in longwave UV.

Zn4Si2O7(OH)2 · H2O;  Hardness 4½ - 5;  orthorhombic

Mottramite is an anhydrous vanadate hydroxide mineral formed by secondary mineralization in the oxidized zone of ore deposits.  The color ranges from green to black

PbCu(VO4)(OH);  Hardness 3 - 3½;  orthorhombic

Hemimorphite assists with knowing one’s true self.  It balances issues the ego, decreasing self-centeredness, while encouraging one to take responsibility for oneself and to not take everything personally.  This supports practicality and relieves hostility and anger.  This crystal is especially good for healers.

Mottramite supports the processes of personal transformation, in particular, understanding the level of effort needed (“walk don’t run”) so that one’s energy is not depleted.

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