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Gypsum var Selenite on Gypsum va foss-ferri

$125.00 USD

Gypsum var Selenite on Gypsum va foss-ferri - Durango, Mexico

WxHxD: 12x5x8cm= 4.7x1.9x3.1in

Gypsum commonly forms in several environments, ranging from sedimentary evaporite deposits to hydrothermal vein deposits.  It can occur in massive granular form (alabaster), translucent white crystals (selenite is one variety), and as desert “roses.” It has extensive practical uses, such as fertilizer (for sulfur) and as building material (plaster of Paris, dry wall).  Giant crystals of gypsum occur in Mexico’s Cave of Crystals and Cave of Swords.

CaSO4 · 2H2O;  Hardness 2;  Monoclinic

Gypsum supports personal growth and transformation.  It has been used in the center position of medicine wheels to synthesize the six directions and promote heart-centered thinking and action.

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