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EMF Protection Crystal Grid Kit

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Our exposure to electromagnetic radiation is increasing with our use of cell phones, TV's, and video games. Also on the rise are WiFi signals, smart meters, and 5G cell towers. In essence, we are getting inundated with greater and greater amounts of EMF (electromagnetic frequency) radiation. There are very few ways to protect yourself. The most popular approach, which supports the metaphysical and science-based community as a whole, is a mineral called Shungite...

Setting this grid up in front of your electronic devices or in a room where people congregate may be useful in eliminating much of the toxic radiation. 

  1. A Seed Of Life Geometric pattern (grid) silkscreened onto a 10"x12" 100% organic cotton double drawstring muslin bag for easy travel.
  2. Instructions/information brochure detailing how to cleanse, setup & activate your grid.
  3. Turquoise colored voile bag for crystal/stone storage.
  4. Stones:
  • 1x  Smoky Quartz polished generator crystal
  • 2x  Hematite polished pieces
  • 2x  Schorl crystals (black tourmaline from Idaho)
  • 2x  Shungite tumbled pebble (from Russia)
  • 2x  Elite Shungite (raw from Russia)
  • 4x  Fluorite cleaved octahedrons (from China)
  • 2x  Smoky Quartz crystal points (from New Mexico)
  • 6x  Chlorite coated/included Quartz crystal points (from Colorado)
  • 10x Quartz crystal points (from Madagascar)
  • 1x  Quartz crystal wand - for grid activation (from Mongolia)

All of the above packaged into an "Indestructo" box for safe-keeping and easy travel.

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