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Dinosaur Bone Palmstone

$22.00 USD

Polished Dino Bone Palmstone

Dinosaur Bone is the remains of ancient animals that are turned to stone through a process of fossilization called petrification, in which the pore spaces of the bone are filled with minerals like quartz. Over time all of the organic material decays, leaving only a mineral cast that preserves some of the fibrous and cellular structures of the bone. The different colors of dino bone are created by various minerals being introduced during the mineralization process, such as iron-oxide, chromium and manganese.

Hardness: 7

The grounding energy of dino bone is good for easing anxiety and stress. Said to stimulate memory and reconnect one with their past.

2.5-inches long by 1.5-inches wide by 1/2-inch deep. 

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